One of the top tourist attractions in Germany:
The Eagle's Nest

Have an unforgettable trip with the bus "Kehlsteinlinie" (line 849) from Berchtesgaden

The Eagle's Nest' busses (Kehlsteinlinie 849) only runs during summer - usually from May to October. The exact dates are depending on the weather.

From the city Berchtesgaden you get by bus line 838 or by car to the Kehlstein bus departure point at Obersalzberg. From there only the Eagle's Nest busses are allowed to continue to the Eagle's Nest. They depart every 25 minutes for the upper bus parking area.

The first bus runs at 8:30 a.m. and the last one leaves the Eagle's Nest at 4:00 p.m. At the parking area you must get your bus ticket stamped with your desired return time. From there a 124 meter long tunnel takes you to the elevator, where you ascend another 124 meter directly into the building itself.

Things to know about Eagle's Nest

Up to 3800 passengers use the Eagle's Nest busses for a trip every day. Because of its incline up to 24 percent the Kehlstein-road is quite challenging for the drivers and vehicles.

On the track with a length of 6,8 kilometers the twelve busses overcome a hight difference of 770 meters - all with only one hairpin bend. In addition, the five narrow tunnels require the full attention of the bus drivers.


Return tickets to the Eagle's Nest cost 16,60 Euro for adults and 9,60 Euro for children younger than 14 years. The elevator ride is included.